Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teen Spinout Vol 2 [Don't Step On My French Fries]

well–I guess I’m going crazy again–I said I would only do one teener show–but looks like I lied.

more teen and popabilly goodies from Danny & The Juniors, Jody Reynolds, The Tonettes, Johnny Garner, Eddie Fontaine, and a group that calls themselves The 3 Stooges [but it ain’t THOSE Stooges..Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk !]

to listen go to : rockined.podbean.com

By The way--the record pictured above is featured this time out--I mentioned that there is a Johnny Cash connection--some research has given me the information that confirms it--it is his nephew Roy Cash Sr
[Rivers was their mother's maiden name]

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