Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ricky Nelson-Waitin' In School

As you may remember, Rick lost his life in a tragic plane crash this date in 1985

Here is is in his prime--yes he WAS Rockabilly!!!!

So you think you're having a bad day..

WOOOOAHH !!!!!!!!!

Reflecting Back

Just sitting around on a cold snowy New Years Eve reflecting on how in a past few years it can all happen. I mean sitting around and pushing buttons on a machine and suddenly everyone in the entire universe can know your every thought and deed. ..but it’s still weird. I’m 45 years old as of this writing and can name off just about every rock n roll record hit of the 1950s..what label it was on. what was son the flip side. .and even in some instances, the label number.

It seems odd but a pleasant surprise that after posting my blog and pod cast. One of my internet buddies Jeff Mazdra has signed on the follow this blog. He calls me THE CHIEF because I’m from Cleveland and it’s a tribute to The Cleveland Indians--Chief Wahoo. Anyway Jeff gave me an idea --to try to give my side of the story and to acknowledge those past and present who have been a major influence upon my chosen field of music.

I’ve always been into 50s rock n roll. My Mom had her 45s, my cousins had their 45s, but it was not only rock n roll but also country, gospel, bluegrass, blues, and folk music. I had bought 45s weekly, paying as much as 1.00 for an oldoe 45 when I couldn’t find anything I wanted in the pop section, which was increasingly moving towards Heavy Metal and Disco. Thee was one country station that mixed in rock n roll oldies every so often. And another that actually played oldies---then one day in early 1976 I was fiddling around my little radio on a Saturday morning. I decided to check out what was at the bottom of the FM dial. I discovred this little radio station out of Kent Ohio, WKSU [Yes the same Kent that had the terrible shootings in 1970]. This DJ by the name of Tony Keras was playing these oldies but they were different. He wa salso playing the roots of rock n roll. I started hearing artists like Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, Wynonie Harris, Amos Milburn and groups such as The Ravens, The Robins, The Cardinals and The Swallows. I found out that Rock n roll derived from Rhythm and Blues and that records by black musicians were often “covered” by white singers such as Patti Page, Georgia Gibbs and Pat Boone. I started seeking out R & B records at flea markets and garage sales…and then the next year it happened…….. I heard a record on the show that sounded al lot like Elvis, but it wasn’t --it was by a guy named Johnny Carroll…I had discovered Rockabilly--of course I wa sfamiliar with the big names and with SUN records but now I wa sgoing into secondhand and small collector stores and finding Lps of ROCKABILLY.. and on import labels such as CHARLY, ACE, and BEAR FAMILY.

However, I began seeking out other DJ’s and radio programs on college radio. One was a gentlemen who is no longer with us, B.R. Anthony Ditullio. He was a huge doo wop fan and introduced me to many fine groups--including white Italian groups [Capris, Elegants, Vito and the Salutations etc..]
Two other DJ friends of mine are no longer with us. My buddy Krazy Greg Milewski tragically ended his own life at the tender age of 27 in 1994. He was younger than me but a great student of doo wop and rockabilly. This year my good friend Chris Quinn died after a long battle with weight and heart issues. He DJ’ed at WMJI Magic 105 FM in Cleveland and provided me with many CD’s and promos and let me assist him on the air.

In the past few years there are those still living that have provided me with lots of information and records/trades. All my internet friends--I wish you a safe happy 2009!!!!!!!!

RIP Bo DIddley

Bo went to jam with Elvis, Hank Williams, and Buddy Holly this year [2008]
Here's is how we will all remember him...

Ellas McDaniels aka Bo Diddley [1928-2008]

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Many Faces of Felix The Cat

Felix was THEE first cartoon star---watch and compare


[1959]--probably the most well-known to baby boomers

..and this little known "Comeback" attempt from the 90s

Pass The Zit Cream [50s-60s Teen Rockers]

This time I’ve played it safe and gone with the teen rocker sounds –ballads & rockers–the rockers aren’t quite rockabilly [they have choruses and saxophones and other articial sweeteners]

artists include Narvel Felts, Ben Hewitt, Alton & Jimmy, Sonny Flaherty, Jo Ann Campbell, Patsy Cline, Johnny Rivers, Robert Luke Harshman [aka Bobby Hart], Ed Bruce and many others

Also included — the only teenage death song about a shark attack!!!!

Just copy adn paste the link below

...IF THAT DON"T WOIK..try dis..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cartoon: Freddie The Freshman [1932]

Here's a classic from the early days of Warner Brothers animation--Freddie The Freshman [1932] a Merrie Melodies short..

Wanda Jackson

Way Too Cool--1958 on Town Hall Party singin' Rock Your Baby

Danyel Girard--Youpe Ya Tamoure

I first saw this vintage video on PEE WEE HERMAN's PLAYHOUSE. It is one of those French Scopitones c. 1963--French Rock n roll singer Danyel Girard

Check out the chicks shakin' and swingin
Wish I knew the lyrics..LOL

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Porky Gone Wild

TOO MUCH SUGAR !!!!!!!!!!

Porky Pig Cartoon-Porky's Party [1938]

A Classic Porky Cartoon--In BLACK AND WHITE

Some funny stuff here..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Johnny Burnette Trio-Live 1956 HOUND DOG

Johnny Burnette Trio--Johnny, Dorsey and Paul--Rippin' Through Hound Dog on Ted Mack's Show [1956]

Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones--Classic Rocakbilly on Nat King Cole Show 1957

Nat "King" Cole had a short-lived TV series in 1957. Unfortunately, because of certain attitudes [that need not be mentioned--we all know..], his series did not last--however, he obviously had an ear for talent for he booked a rare appearance of Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones doing both their big hit BBBBBBB-Black Slacks plus their follow-up hit, OOOO What A Rocket!!


Friday, December 26, 2008



Cartoon: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit in Wonderland [1931]

Classic Cartoon from Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.--directed by Walter Lantz

Attack of the Yellow Labels-STARDAY SPINOUT--Hillbilly and Rockabilly

Oh boy there's lot's of good boppin' here--gems from the legendary Starday label of Texas [and Tennessee]

Classic tracks by Rocky Bill Ford, Glenn Barber, Rudy Grayzell, Benny Barnes, Fred Crawford, Bob Doss and many many more..

to hear just click on this link and paste it--you will see a page that says this may not exist--but it does--just click on the link again and........

Headbangin' 50s Style

Check this out--one hour of fast. wild, loud, and out of control rockers from the roots of rock n roll--pure 50s-60s headbangin' music!!!

Just copy and paste the link below

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joe Maphis and Larry Collins-Flying Fingers c. 1957

WOAH--just check this out--Larry Collins was only 13 years old at the time. For those of you who don't know -Larry and his sister Lorrie [hot babe!!] mad eup the duo The Collins Kids, who were one of the early rockabilly duos.

The quality is kinda fuzzy--but it sure shows off these superpickers!!

Bosko Cartoon: The Booze Hangs High [1930]

This cartoon features the very first Looney Tunes character -- Bosko. Now remember these cartoons wre NOT made for kids

check out what the pig does at 5:23

Her Teeth Were Like Stars..Cuz They Came Out Every Night [Hillbilly 45 Spinout]

This time I’ve decided to play a few of the hillbilly 45s that I’ve aquired over the past year

some early goodies by Red Sovine, Skeets McDonald, Ferlin Husky, Lefty Frizzell, Leon Payne, Jimmy Collie, Stonewall Jackson and lots more

Just cut and paste the link below and listen to the latest

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crash Coffin

Here's my buddy Crash Coffin [that's his real name too]---singing a very sad lament to his bald head.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks-Happy 50th Birthday!!!!--The Chipmunk Song

This is from the original Chipmunk series called THE ALVIN SHOW. The song itself was a hit back in 1958 on the Liberty label [the label that Eddie Cochran was on]. It was considered to be one of the worst records ever made when it was released and was given the lowest possible score of 35 on American Bandstand's RATE-A-RECORD...who woulda thought that within two weeks it would zoom right up to the top of the charts.

HAPPY 50th Birthday Alvin, Simon and Theodore !!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Classic Cartoon: Christmas Comes But Once A Year [1936]

This 1936 cartoon features "Grampy" from the Betty Boop series.

This is a nice copy--includes the original PARAMOUNT logo.

Roll On "BIG-O"-Lawsons TV Ad [c. late 60s]

This was a very popular commercial in the late 60s--early 70s--if you lived in Northern Ohio--there was a Lawson's convenient store on every corner--Literally. For anyone under the age of 30, the gas stations only sold gas--if you wanted a good convenient store, you went to Lawson's and by golly, you did get fresh orange juice.

This jingle was so popular that it is still being sung by folks who remember.

Gene Vincent - Be Bop A Lula

Here's my all time fave rock n roll song.

This is from TOWN HALL PARTY [1958]
This goes out to my buddy Dickie "Be-Bop" Harrell--the driving force behind Be Bop A Lula !!

Everly Brothers

Here's a rare clip of The Everly Brothers along with Tennesee Ernie Ford singing the old Carlisle Bros hit Rattlesnake Daddy.

This goes out to all my Everly Brothers buddies.

Betty Boop Cartoon- Minnie The Moocher [1932]

My all time favorite cartoon--ENJOY!!!

Spinnin' them old rekkids--78's that is...

I've aquired a few cool 78s over the years--some of which you can hear on this episode called "Spinout @ 78 RPM". Since I can't do links--you'll have to copy the URL below and paste it and you will get it OK.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cliff Richard-Please Don't Tease

Classic early British rock n roll

Popeye Cartoon: I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski [1936]

Here's a classic Popeye cartoon for ya from 1936- I-Ski-Love-Ski You-Ski. It's one of the all-time classic Popeye cartoons in black and white with the ship's door opening titles..and with the original PARAMOUNT logo intact. it's not exactly Christmas but it puts you in the mood.

Random 45 Spinout [Run it up the flagpole an' see who salutes it !!!

Check this out..anyone with the middle name of "Diddle" certainly rates high in my book--listen to my podcast. Alls ya gotta do is to copy and paste the URL below.

Classic Cartoon: The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives

Watch this 1933 Merrie Melodies cartoon. I love the old black and white cartoons..was not so much a Disney fan but give me Warner Bros. or Fleischer studios cartoons any day

It's Christmas Time Again???--AAAGH

Just copy and paste the URL below and listen to what I have just caughed up for my Christmas podcast>

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Uh Oh ..Zeke we told you to stop text messaging while driving !!!