Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hillbilly & Roots 45s # 7

Here's another nice mix of goodies--some hillbilly, some gospel, some blues and a whole lotta boppin'!!!

Hillbilly & Roots 45s #7
1. Eddy Beers- Big Mack Waitin [Rebel Ace 743] c. 1966
2. Eddy Beers- What’s Your Excuse [Rebel Ace 743] 1966
3. Larry Leach- Just A Long Long Road [Lifetime 1008] 60s
4. Les Smith- Dark Blue Heart [Scarlo 335] 60s
5. Les Smith- Up Tomyneck [sic] [Scarlo 335] 60s
6. T Tommy- Sing and Shout [Mercury 70809] 1956
7. T Tommy- Come Sweet Chariot [Mercury 70809] 1956\
8. Eddie Burns- Treat Me Like I Treat You [Chess 1672] 1957
9. Eddie Burns- Doncha Leave Me Baby [Chess 1672] 1957
10 Jesse Perkins- Madly In Love [Savoy 1584] 1960
11 Jesse Perkins- One More Kiss [Savoy 1584] 1960
12 Molly O’day- If You See My Savior [Columbia 2-798] 1950
13 Molly O’day- When My Tine Comes To Go [Co 2-798] 1950
14 Kay Adams- Rocks In My Head [Tower 305] 1966
15 Blackwood Bros Qt- Rock A My Soul [RCA 4547] 1952
16 Sensational Nightingales - I Want To Go {Peacock 1829] 1961
17 Five Singing Stars- Been IN The Storm [Peacock 1890] 1963
18 Five Singing Stars- Let Me In [Peacock 1890] 1963
19 Wade Ray- Walk Soflty [RCA 4226] 1951
20 Wade Ray- Are You Fer It [RCA 4226] 1951
21 Tennessee Drifters- Boogie Woogie Baby [Dot 1166] 1953
22 Bright Stars- Family Prayer [Nashboro 710] 1959
23 Tommy Collins- It Tickles [Capitol 3082] 1955
24 Tommy Collins- Let Down [Capitol 3082] 1955
25 Tommy Collins- I Always Get A Souvenir [Capitol 2802] 1954
26 Tommy Collins- Let Me Love You [Capitol 2802] 1954
27 Fred Baker- Is I Is Or Is I Ain’t [Capitol 2970] 1954
28 Charlie Gore- It’s A Long Walk Back To Town [King 1310] 1954
29 Joe Carson- I Could Love The Devil Out Of You [Mercury 70348] 1954
30 Sticks McGhee- Drinkin Wine Spo Dee O Dee [Atlantic 873] 1949


Rockin' Ed said...

Here's the link again..

Lester said...

Thanks for another great batch. Some great gospel getdown, too!

Gyro1966 said...

Great music. But I've uploaded many thousands of records and cd's. ALL of them are tagged with song titles and artist names. Common courtesy if you upload. Why can't this be followed by all? I appreciate the great tunes- but what percentage will bother to label these great songs? 1% or 2% of all visitors?

Derik said...

I second that. It takes a lot of time to enter enter in all the song info. Maybe someone from that 1-2% could re-upload the batch after they've done the work of re-cataloging it. Save a lot of time for the other 98%. I'd be willing to do it, but it would be posted on my blog, which might irk the original uploader.

thanks for these all the same. i've got quite a collection of 45rpm country, mostly thanks to blogs like you and Redneckerson. Let's keep it together!


jim said...

Thanks, another great collection. I particularly enjoyed Eddie Burns and Jesse Perkins. I'm a fan of lots of different music, but especially blues from the 50/60s.

Rockin' Ed said...

I've left the names ot of the files for a to keep things hiden but I've seen too many blogs get hacked and or I realize that my tastes go way out there and maybe the folks who download the hillbilly songs don't care for blues--or those who don't care at all for gospel--so they can grab the files they wants and chuck the rest.

xavier said...

Hi! Rockin' Ed
Thanks for the great music! I will be following your nice site. I have mine too: please pay me a visit at, it's in English and devoted to Hillbilly bop and Rockabilly. I'd like you have my site in your favorite blogs.
Can you help me? I am constantly looking for label scans to enlive my site.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people are complaining about missing tags when you provide all of this great music. Thanks.

Kegan said...

Thanks for this, Ed! I'm recuperating from a surgery for CP, and music's a boon.

Is the Joe Carson track by the same Joe Carson who was released on Bear Family as Hillbilly Band From Mars? If so, this song is missing from that 'complete' CD.

Ted P said...

Hi Mystery Train Wreck

Can we expect a Volume 8 in the near future.

I check your site every few days in the hope that you've uploaded a new volume in the series. sadly I've been disappointed.

I've downloaed and listened to all seven volumes and really enjoy the music on your site.

Many thanks from an appreciative follower.

ted P

von Grumpy said...

Thank you for making this stuff available.

Anonymous said...

Keep checking your site for more music, but it's been dormant since April- Can't blame you for taking a break since all most people can do is bitch about tags, not knowing how much work it takes to put up even one whole album. Thanks for everything, I'm gonna stop checking you and take you out of my favorites so I don't go insane looking at Hillbilly #7 every day- Luther

Anonymous said...

Here's all seven volumes properly tagged, thanks again so much to this blog/the ripper of these 45's:


For the next series, if you want to go to 160kbps or even 192kbps, that would be fine, too, but thank you so much for sharing these rarities.

dj ny said...

This is really awesome, thank you for sharing all these tracks. Can't wait to listen on the train tomorrow.

Sarah said...

Can you please re-up these on another server? Megaupload is now defunct.

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