Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rockin' Ed with the Nocturnes

Oh No It's Me up there on You Tube

We did this at a benefit show for special needs adults. My backup band is called the Nocturnes --However, when I gues twith them we are called The Black Sheep

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robby said...

Hi Ed!

Good morning and I hope all is well with you today!

My name is Jerry Robertson. I live in Memphis, Tennessee. Ed, I came upon your web site yesterday as I was looking around to see if I might find anything pertaining to my brother's recordings. Lo and behold right there on your site was the picture of a record produced on the HUT label. The singer is my brother, Bobby! "Roberts" was his "stage" name. I, also, knew the guys in the band called the BAD HABITS! They were out of Greenville, Mississippi, but there were others on the record from this "area". The saxophone player might have been Bill Justice who had the song "Raunchy". Thanks, Ed for the compliment to him and the record with the ability to hear it! I had not heard it for a very long time. While I am discussing this Ed I wonder if the song on the flip side of this record is a song called "Craven". I am trying to find that one on the internet with the possibility of hearing it again. It was the "pick" hit of the week here in Memphis on the Wink Martindale show called "The Top Ten Dance Party". I remember seeing Elvis on that same show a few day or weeks earlier. It seemed amazing seeing my brother standing there by the Juke Box right where Elvis had stood being interviewed. While surfing around I came across the recordings of a fellow by the name of Ray Campi. I had not heard of him before but, I was surprised upon looking at the site that, evidently, he recorded Bobby's song. Bobby is still among us and lives in Missouri. Well, I must go now Ed. Hope to hear from you if you have the time to write regarding this. Have a wonderful day and thanks again for putting Bobby's record on your site!! I sent him an email with the link. He will enjoy seeing his record one more time!!