Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jenks "Tex" Carman

He wa sactually from Kentucky, not Texas--but he was a very unique performer back in the 50s--didn't have any hits but made some doggone fine recordings and this rare performance on Town Hall Party


Red Neckerson said...

The Dixie Cannonball was a hit for Tex back in the day. Hillbilly Hula and the Wreck of Ol' Number 9 had respectable sales. Tex was a live act and he would dress as an Indian Chief or a Cowboy. He could make a Dobro do things that have not been seen since. Check for a great Album of Tex's work which includes a 15 minute show Country Music Time For the USAF somewhere in the late fifties early sixties. Hank Sr did a version either on acetate or on one his radio shows that was released in an overdubbed version in the fifties of the Dixie Cannonball that was a good version too!

JohnnyS said...

Great song- that extra beat is maddening but really adds an interesting dimension to the song. Thanks for posting!