Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hillbilly & Roots 45s #5

1. Gene Henslee- Dig’n and Datin’ [Imperial 8227] 1954
2. Gene Henslee- A Girl Named Heart Brake [sic] Imperial 8227 [1954]
3. Mickey & Sylvia- No Good Lover [Groove 0164] 1956
4. Betty Jo Starr- I’m A Cheechako [Alaska ] 50s
5. Jean Shepard- Jeopardy [Capitol 4191] 1959
6. Mel Tillis- Stateside [Kapp 772] 1966
7. Cowboy Copas- Tragic Romance [King 1486] 1955
8. Buddy Cagle- Honky Tonk College [Imperial 66161] 1965
9. Gene Turney- Ten party Line [Accent 1189] 1965
10 Slim Whitman- Wherever You Are [Imperial 8319] 1958
11 Slim Whitman- At The End Of Nowhere [Imperial 8319] 1958
12 Howard Crockett- My Lil’s Run Off [Mel-O-Dy 115] 1964
13 Howard Crockett- Spanish Lace and Memories [Mel-O-Dy 115] 1964
14 Gloria Henson- Rovin’ Girl [Capitol 3252] 1955
15 Tommy Collins-That’s The Way Love Is [Capitol 3466] 1956
16 Joe Carson- I’ll Do The Dishes [Mercury 70315] 1954
17 Dave Dudley- Two Six Packs Away [Mercury72384] 1964
18 AL Runyon- Blue Yodel #2 [Kentucky 580] 1953
19 AL Runyon- Blue Yodel #3 [ Kentucky 580] 1953
20 Troy Hess- Mystery Train [Show Land] 70s
21 Rex Prophet- Travelllin’ Kind [Decca 28679] 1953
22 Rex Prophet- I’m Gonna Sink Your Boat [De 28679] 1953
23 Dub Dickerson- My Gal Gertie [Capitol 2947] 1954
24 Dub Dickerson- Look Look Look [Capitol 2947] 1954
25 Earthtones- Goin Down To Virginia [Capitol Star Artist no #] 1966
26 Leon Payne- Lumberjack {Mercury/Starday 71063] 1957
27 Coleman L Wilson- Radar Blues Part 1 [King 5388] 1960
28 Coleman L Wilson- Radar Blues Part 2 [King 5388] 1960
29 Johnny Cash- Hey Porter [Sun 221] 1955
30 Johnny Cash Cry Cry Cry [Sun 221] 1955

Another homemade batch of goodies


Rockin' Ed said...

can somebody tell me how to make the link ????

Anonymous said...

I'm learning to love a lot of artists I've never heard of before. Thanks for broadening my music interests.

Rockin' Ed said...

Thanks--if you dig country then you should check out my links..lots of great blogs

Ted P said...

Another excellent CD. I particularly liked Howard Crockett and Gene Henslee.

Never come across Gloria Henson before but she's great with a good up-tempo song.

One query. Track 4 is attributed to Betty Jo Starr; yet the lead vocal is male (with a female, presumably Betty Jo joining him on vcl. Is the male credited on the original 45. If so, who is he?.

Im really enjoying your compilations.

Rockin' Ed said...

Wish I knew Ted--he sounds an awful lot like Bill Haley. I only know whats on the label--if anyone else knows--please help me out

benjamin said...

Your hillbilly selections are excellent. Many thanks!!!

See my vintage picture blogs:

jamie Turney said...

My Grandfather was Gene Turney who sang/wrote/recorded "Ten Party Line" as in:

9. Gene Turney- Ten party Line [Accent 1189] 1965

Do you know where I can get a copy of this?

Jamie Turney

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what ever happened to TROY HESS???, Someone told me he still performs in Texas, but cannot verify