Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Col Joye-Aussie Rockabilly

This guy I guess is the Aussie Elvis. I found out that his name was Col--not Colonel. Anyway, this is good stuff

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jeff in sydney said...

yes, Col (short for Colin) was a clean cut Aussie rocker, bit of a lightweight, but quite successful 1959-1964. This clip would date from 1959, just 3 years after TV started in Oz.

That rat-tat-tat sound was made using a typrewriter.

Oh Yeah Uh Huh was a big #1 hit nationally. His band was The Joy Boys.

He wasn't really our Elvis, as he hardly rocked, but was widely liked. The Oz rocker who enjoyed greatest success here was Johnny O'Keefe, who had a couple of 45s on US Liberty.

smithy in sydney